Magnus Cort Nielsen in our wind tunnel

Magnus Cort Nielsen is a world-tour rider for EF Pro CyclingHe has performed in all the major tours (including Tour de France, Vuelta) and won various stages!

 In order to improve his aero positions, he was placed in our wind tunnel. On his request, not only improved positions on his time trial bike were tested, but also on the road bike. “Might be helpful in races where I undertake a breakaway”, said Magnus.

Magnus was very positive about the approach HiAeroCycling takes in wind tunnel testing. “Normally it takes a couple of days with all the travel, logistics”, said the EF rider. “The approach taking by HiAeroCyling really fits into my busy schedule. It took about one hour to take a couple of 3D scans and the rest is all done in the computer”.

Obviously, Magnus his aero positions were already excellent. However, especially for the road bike we were able to improve his positions given him the free watts he was looking for. Details? Not to be revealed here; competition is too strong!

We expect Magnus to perform even better and remain supporting him and EF Pro Cycling by improving his aerodynamics to become faster with less efforts. 

Magnus Cort Nielsen

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