Sebastian Langeveld undertakes wind tunnel tests

Sebastian Langeveld is a world-tour rider for EF Pro Cycling. During his over ten years career as professional cyclist he has never exposed himself to wind tunnel tests. “The logistics, organization, time involved, and costs are just too many hassles to undertake such a wind tunnel test”, said the Dutch pro. “The approach taking by HiAeroCyling really fits into my busy schedule. It took about one hour to take a couple of 3D scans and the rest is all done in the computer”.

As a pro cyclist for so many years his positions on the bike have proven to be nearly perfect. One of his big questions remained on whether cycling “in the drops” or “on the hoods” would be better in terms of aerodynamics. Since this is rider specific, for both positions 3D scans (digital twins) were made and placed in HiAeroCycling’s virtual wind tunnel. There was indeed a minor yet clear distinct difference, which we will not reveal here for obvious reasons. Some other improvements were detected as well.

We expect Sebastian to perform even better and remain supporting him by improving his aerodynamics to become faster with less efforts. 


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